Studia Quaternaria
Volume 21 (2002)


Das Eu- und Hypokrenal Harzer Bäche: Langzeituntersuchungen der Wassertemperaturen, Umgebungsfaktoren und ihre Bedeutung für die Lebensgemeinschaft dieser Gewässer


The eu- and hypocrenal of springbrooks in the Harz mountains: A long-term study of the water temperature, environmental parameters and their significance for the biocenosis of these biotopes


Andreas Müller


The water temperature of 14 springbrooks (Harz mountains, Northern Germany) were recorded by dataloggers over a period of 2 years. Additionally, some environmental parameters of these springs were observed. At some springbrooks, aquatic insects were caught with emergence traps. The wa­ter temperature of the eucrenal showed no variations over the time. But in the hypocrenal, we found fluktuations and a seasonal variation of the water temperature. It was possible to classify the springbrooks in groups with different annual temperature courses and biological productivities.


Editor-in-Chief: Tomasz Goslar
Co-Editors: Małgorzata Latałowa
Wojciech Stankowski
Krystyna Szeroczyńska
Mariusz Lamentowicz