Studia Quaternaria
Volume 22 (2005)


Identification of subfossil remains of cladocerans Latona setifera, Diaphanosoma brachyurum and Holopedium gibberum

 Liisa Nevalainen, Kaarina Sarmaja-Korjonen

 Department of Geology, Division of Geology and Palaeontology, P.O. Box 64, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland; e-mail: liisa.nevalainen@helsinki.fi, kaarina.sarmaja-korjonen@helsinki.fi


The preservation of chitinous outer body parts of Cladocera is mostly selective, except in two families, the planktonic Bosminidae and the littoral Chydoridae. In addition, at least some body parts of several other genera and taxa preserve but many of them have not been widely identified. The aim of the article is to present photographs and line drawings of the postabdomen and the postabdominal claws of Holopedium gibberum, together with the postabdominal claws of Latona setifera and Diaphanosoma brachyurum for use of cladoceran analysts. In analysis of subfossil remains pictures and descriptions of separate body parts make the identification more reliable. It is hoped that with increasing knowledge about remains of as many taxa as possible, a more complete picture of the past cladoceran assemblages can be obtained, together with a more precise assessment of past ecological conditions, such as pH and trophic state.



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