Studia Quaternaria
Volume 24 (2007)


Pleistocene evolution of fault-line scarps in the northern margin of the Krzeszowice Graben, south Poland

 Halina Pawelec

 University of Silesia, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Będzińska 60 41-200 Sosnowiec; E-mail: hpawelec@wnoz.us.edu.pl 


The paper aims at reconstructing Pleistocene slope processes and transformation of tectonic relief in two sections across the northern margin of the Krzeszowice Graben. The investigations are based on the analysis of deposits present on the slopes of fault-line scarps. The lithology and stratigraphy of these deposits was reconstructed based on analysis of outcrops and boreholes. Detailed lithological logs were prepared, along with grain size analyses, and determination of CaCO3, Fe2O3 and Corg contents in fine-grained sediments. 

The studied fault-line scarps were transformed by Pleistocene denudation. The type and intensity of these processes were different in the sections studied. In the Będkowice area, accumulation prevailed; the fault-line scarp became covered with sediments. In the Karniowice area, in turn, periglacial processes caused degradation of the fault-controlled slope. In the lower part of the fault-line scarp, the intensity of degradation processes was limited by repeated presence of sediment cover which preserved the substratum.

Differences in the intensity and type of Pleistocene denudation can be explained by different heights of fault-line scarps, controlled by tectonic structure and neotectonic movements.



Editor-in-Chief: Tomasz Goslar
Co-Editors: Małgorzata Latałowa
Wojciech Stankowski
Krystyna Szeroczyńska
Mariusz Lamentowicz